Giulio Stella

Micaela Stella



The value of a choice
More than 30 years of successful activity and 10 years of direct experience in the application of our product are a guarantee to our customers. Competence and long-term view have allowed to achieve a leader position in this sector.
In 1980 the Giulio Stella company became an S.p.A. and since 1998 a new plant is in operation in San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD), for the production of wood shavings. The actual production plant covers an area of 13000 sqm on a total of 42000 sqm.
Flexibility, innovation and quality have assured constant growth and success.

Strategy to grow
New materials, new products and new solutions to meet the continuous changes of the market. Precious exotic essences, European woods, substitutive materials, traditional and natural colours meet the taste of the customers.
The use of manufacturing residues for the production of shaving-made logs.

Quality guarantee
Skirting boards, wainscotings and wooden frames made with standard profiles or customised models.
A common denominator: attention, care and accurate control guarantee the quality of the whole product range.

First-class men and machines
Advanced technology and the professionalism of skilled workers and sales staff are the essential components of our success.

Advantages of a complete cycle
From log to finished product, through the phases of selection, seasoning, dissection, finish and stockage.

Services quality
Quick and punctual delivery guaranteed by large warehouses and our extensive truck parking.